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Mahi Spalun features Master Hairstylist Mr.Bhavin Bhai. Creative, artistic, and smart. Bhavin Bhaia providing exceptional and personalized service. He'll be the first to tell you that he is fulfilled by your excitement when you see the style he has created just for you. Be brave before you sit in Sanjay's chair. He will take you to areas you never thought you would go with your new look, allowing you to discover your true beauty. Clients who have been brave enough to take the journey found the results beyond rewarding. Now, it's your turn.​ Bhavin Bhai is specialized in hair cutting, hair coloring, color correction, highlights,curly hair, Japanese hair straightening, bridal and formal updos.

At Mahi Spalun,We Have Integrated Healing And Wellness Modalitie From Various Streams Of Healing With Relaxing And Pampering Experiences.After All Getting Back To Being Healthy Should Be An Enjoyable Experience .In Today's Life,One Can Hardly Find Time To Relax.Waking Up Early.Driving To Work,Negotiating Traffic,Managing Work And Then Come Back Home Only To Do The Whole Cycle Again The Next Day. In Shuch A Fast Paced Lifestyle,It Is Vital For People To Take A Break And Reserve Some Time For Provider For Personal Well-Being Otherwise, The Body Will Get Tired Very Soon.Mahi Spa Is The Perfect Service Provider For All Your Health And Relaxation Need.We Offer A Diverse Range Of Services.Which Include Various Types Of Therapics Such As Rejuvenation Therapy,Chromo Therapy,Body Purification Therapy Amongst Others.

We Have A Well Equipped Mahi Spa Center Which Has various Modern Amenities.Our Staff Are Well trained And Of Outstanding Professional Reputation.They Are Available Whenever The Customer Has Any Special Request.We Also Have Nutrition Specialists To Guide Our Customers To Attain The Correct Diet Balance For Their Well-being........

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